Vietnam-based charity donates 10,000 masks and gloves to hospitals in Beirut


AIP Foundation’s social enterprise, Protec, a helmet maker, recently added COVID-19 mask production in its factory for humanitarian assistance. 10,000 medical masks and gloves will be donated to Abou Jaoude Hospital in Beirut after the recent deadly explosion of Ammonium Nitrate.


Hard hit hospitals in Beirut are suffering from medical supply shortages, especially basics such as masks, protective gowns, hats, booties, and gloves.


The explosion and after-effects of Ammonium Nitrate are extremely dangerous because of the chemical effects on lungs and respiratory systems, seriously affecting infants and children. The latest figures report 6000 injured, many critically, and more than 300,000 homeless, vulnerable to chemical after-affects from living outdoors.


Ammonium Nitrate inhalation causes high concentrations of chemical dust that can cause respiratory tract irritation. Symptoms include coughing, sore throat, breathing difficulty, even suffocation. In high concentrations, ammonium nitrate can cause headache, dizziness, abdominal pain, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, weakness, psychological complications, heart and circulation irregularities, convulsions, and collapse.


Ammonium Nitrate also forms an acid when mixed with water, which can cause irritation to the eyes, nose, and skin. This will be an ongoing serious public health crisis for the people and children of Beirut, which masks can help mitigate.


AIP Foundation and Protec are appealing for support and contributions of masks and gloves at other hospitals in Beirut. “We are grateful for assistance from the Government of Vietnam, the Embassy of Lebanon, and even private Vietnamese citizens for their support,” says AIP Foundation President Greig Craft. “This is no time for politics, religion, nor ethnic issues. Support and assistance are urgently needed,” he continues.


Hon. Consul of Lebanon in Vietnam, Adib Kouteili says, “The main port of Beirut has been destroyed. Hospital operations have been partly demolished and operations severely disrupted. We are very happy and thankful to AIP Foundation and Protec for their extraordinary efforts and rapid aid response to support the people of Beirut.”


To learn more about Protec’s mask expansion, click here to watch the video.


About AIP Foundation

AIP Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing road injuries and fatalities in low and middle-income countries. For more than 20 years, AIP Foundation has been delivering effective road safety programs in locations across Asia and Africa. To find out more, visit www.aip- foundation.org or connect with us on Twitter @AIPFoundation.


About Protec

Protec is a social enterprise established by AIP Foundation producing ethically-sourced helmets and face masks. Protec has a factory in Vinh Phuc, Vietnam and an extensive distribution network all across the country. Its profits are reinvested into the local community to improve people’s lives in Asia. Fostering a socially inclusive workplace, Protec employs people with disability.




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