Vietnam Helmet Manufacturer Donates 10,000 Pandemic Relief Medical Masks to Palestine

Vietnam – American social enterprise Protec presented the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Vietnam 10,000 face masks to aid the State as it struggles to contain COVID-19 amidst the climbing numbers destabilizing the population.

Inspired by Protec repurposing its helmet factory to include mask production as a rapid response to the pandemic, Protec and its workers pushed the boundaries further by advocating support for Palestine, which was inspired by Vietnam and Palestine’s longstanding relationship.

For more than 50 years, Vietnam and Palestine have maintained a relationship built on friendship and solidarity. Along with government support, an entire generation of young Vietnamese is developing a spirit of social consciousness and global compassion by uniting to support others in need.

Palestine Ambassador to Vietnam, Saadi Salama said, “Vietnam’s proactive approach in halting the spread of COVID-19 is exemplary. It comes to no surprise that Protec took that innovative spirit to convert its helmet factory to manufacture and distribute masks.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Palestine has surpassed 20,000 with a significant proportion 29 years old and under. The escalation in confirmed cases, fragmented healthcare system, and the already-fragile economy impede their ability to control the spread.

At the handover ceremony, Protec’s Global Sales Manager, Ms. Bui said, “The economic toll and instability that the pandemic has caused, will be felt for years to come and the ones who will be impacted most are the youth. As a social enterprise with majority of employees under the age of 29,” she continued, “we are proud to support other countries with young populations. We hope to set an example for other young people to reach out and support each other in times of need.”



About Protec
Protec is a social enterprise established by AIP Foundation producing ethically-sourced helmets and face masks. Protec has a factory in Vinh Phuc, Vietnam and an extensive distribution network all across the country. Its profits are reinvested into the local community to improve people’s lives in Asia. Fostering a socially inclusive workplace, Protec employs people with disability.

For media contact

Huong Thanh Bui (Ms.)
Protec Northern Sales Manager
Email: thanhhuong@protec.com.vn
Mobile: (84) 91 239 7218

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