Protec for the community

Over the last 20 years, aside from our campaigns to reignite awareness of lurking calamities on the streets, hundreds of thousands of quality helmets by Protec have been doled out for free to traffic participants, in particular children, the most vulnerable victims in traffic crashes.

Project “Helmets for Kids” by the AIPF was also launched by the US President Bill Clinton during his diplomatic visit to Vietnam. Having founded the first non-profit helmet production factory of the world – Protec, Mr. Greig Craft founded a model, in which “all profits collected from the sales of helmets are channeled to educational projects of traffic safety and campaigns to raise the public awareness”. In the meantime, Protec has also recruited handicapped workers in the locality and neighboring regions for our factory.

I want to see all Vietnamese people wearing helmet. It is my lifetime goal”, repeated Greig Craft to us. It seemed that he even forgot that his time for us had well been over when it came to the helmet.

Now, helmet brand Protec seems to be virtually universally known as a safe choice for those who take part in the traffic by motorbike. Parting with us, Mr. Greig Craft whispered his secret: “It would be great that one day Vietnam is totally spared from traffic accidents. However, I still have many further goals to do in Vietnam. I find Vietnam my own second homeland. I love Vietnam and admire President Ho Chi Minh. So I want to contribute more to Vietnam”.