For Protec, our customers are not just partners in business, but also our dear companions who witness our efforts as well as perfection of our product quality and community services.

Protec started to make helmets for Honda since March 2011. Thanks to the procurement policy of Honda labeled helmets to their distribution network as well as the company’s programs to raise public awareness of traffic safety, Honda has been a strategic partner and also one of the most important clients of Protec.

Piaggio is always reputed for their elegant and exquisite motorbike models, and this applies to their own signature helmets, as the company frequently demands changes in both styles and graphics in order to keep in sync with ever changing tastes and trends of their clients. Protec prides ourselves in being the helmet manufacturer of Piaggio since 2012.

Protec and Pepsico forged our cooperative relationship in 2005, and signed an agreement in principle for sizable supplies in 2013. Nowadays, Protec provides Suntory Pepsico with over 10,000 helmets a year, which act as the evidence of the mutual commitment to long-term cooperation as well as the deep trust that Suntory Pepsico puts in Protec.

Having liaised with Protec since our inception, Vietcombank is one of our integral clients who has contributed to our evolution up to date. Each year, Vietcombank equips their staff with helmets, and Protec is honored as a companion of Vietcombank and also the helmet manufacturer of Vietcombank in regard to this policy.

2012 was the landmark year that gave rise to the cooperation between Protec and Samsung in the company’s largest product advertising project of the year.

By means of great cooperation, coupled with a wide spectrum of ideas, over 100,000 helmets of the football design were given to customers of Samsung all across the country in coincidence with the Euro 2012, which in its turn sparked a huge effect and left profound impressions on their passengers.

Protec takes great pride in being a long-term partner of Samsung, not only in marketing and advertising activities and customer conferences, but also with our mission of securing traffic safety for Samsung’s eminent emplyees on the roads.

Unilever is well more than a famous group, but also a key partner who has made notable contributions to Protec’s current successes. Thanks Unilever for always putting trust in us in every single project and universally known product of the group.