Imported children helmets are far from popular models on sale, with varying designs available. In addition, an imported helmet may charge its buyers 30% to 40% higher than a domestically produced one does. Is an imported children helmet better than a domestic one? Let Protec find out the answer for you in this article:

Overview of imported children helmets

A majority of imported children helmets on sale are meant for physical safety in outdoor games or activities or for daily motorbike traffic activities.


  • An imported children helmet also consists of key components of the soft liner, the hard shell and the chin strap.
  • For a quality imported children helmet, the shell is made of some materials such as APS composite plastic, which is both lightweight and tough and secure, and its liner made of extended polystyrene (EPS). Imported children helmets are quite large and secure at first glance, with the thick EPS liner inside.
  • All children helmets are supposed to have stamps, labels and logo accredited by the appointed certification institution or test lab alongside information of the importer/distributor of the helmets.
  • For helmets exclusively used for outdoor activities, the structure is modeled after the beehive, much well-ventilated and also lighter than those for motorbike rides.


Imported helmets on sale in the market mainly come from Singapore, France or the UK… Average price of an imported children helmet is 30% to 40% higher than that of domestically produced one. Actual price ranges are available at the quotation below:

Imported children helmets Price range (VND)
Imported children helmet from Singapore VND400,000 – 550,000 apiece
Imported children helmets from France VND500,000 – 650,000 apiece
Imported children helmets from the UK VND250,000 – 350000 apiece

Some disadvantages of imported helmets:

  • Helmet size: Normally imported children helmets from European countries such as France or Germany… will typically cater to larger head sizes than those of Asian children in general and Vietnamese children in particular.
  • Exorbitant price
  • Some helmets produced in cool and moderate countries have their ventilating functions ill suited for a hot and humid tropical country like Vietnam.

A comparison between imported children helmets and domestically produced children helmets

Demands and use of quality children helmets have recorded unabated surge. Imported children helmets have always been a top priority in the purchase list of parents, but their exorbitant prices make these helmets well out of reach for a majority of families. As a result, parents are strongly recommended that they should switch to selection of domestically produced children helmets which are much more affordable and in a much wider spectrum of designs and graphics to fit different age bands, but still have their quality warranted.

Below is the comparative list of imported helmets and domestically produced helmets as based on some criteria of their sizes, graphics, weight or pricing…

Comparative criteria Imported helmet Domestically produced helmets
Design Consist of helmets for outdoor activities and helmets for motorbike based activities Shapes are diverse: half faced or three quarter faced
Size M, L S, M, L
Average head circumference From 55cm Between 50 and 55.5cm
Average price VND450,000 a piece VND230,000 apiece
Warranty and after-sale services Few services Available 6 months of warranty on average
Spare parts and accessories Scantly available Highly available

An overview of advantages of domestically produced helmets

Because logistic costs are cut down, the selling price is much cheaper than that of imported ones.

Imported children helmets are not assigned to exclusive distribution agencies. As a result, the warranty and after-sale services of domestically produced helmets are still better.

Domestically produced children helmets are given designs and improvements to meet Vietnamese customers’ demands. For instance, their varying sizes from smallest to largest (including S and M sizes), coupled with appropriate ventilation system, is well suited for humid tropical countries like Vietnam.

Hence, given all those comparisons above, parents can put trust in a domestically produced helmet of warranted quality and much more affordable prices instead of imported children helmets.

Mũ bảo hiểm trẻ em Protec với đa dạng mẫu mã có chất lượng theo tiêu chuẩn quốc tế

Protec children helmets are assigned to a wide range of designs and meet international quality standards

Protec helmet brand is particularly known for our domestically produced children helmets at our local, technologically advanced plant. A Protec helmet is required to undergo stringent testing and experimental steps before being put on sale. Our testing labs and quality control facilities for every single helmet are compliant with introduced standards of the General Department of Standards and Quality Measurements. A helmet after being released is given stamps and the logo and other full information of the place of origin by Protec.

Parents may choose either an imported children helmet or a domestically produced one, they also need to pay due attention to quality and selling price of the product. Not all imported helmets have their quality warranted, and it is totally wrong to assume that domestically produced helmets are inferior in quality. Should you still feel confuse about where to buy an imported children helmet, just think of an alternative, which is a domestic children helmet produced by Protec.

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