Confidentiality Policies

– We pay due respect to and are committed to keeping Customers’ private information confidential.

– Our confidentiality policy will explain the way we adopt, use and (in some cases) disclose private information of Customers.

– Protection of information privacy and building trust among Customers are issues of great importance to us. As a result, we will have Customers’ name and other information related to you all compliant with contents set forth in our confidentiality policy. We just collect information required and related to business transactions.

1. Purpose and scope of private information collection

– We collect, store and process your data for your procurement process and for following notices related to your orders, and to provide our services, including some personal information: full name, gender, date of birth, email, address, delivery address, telephone number, fax, card payment details or bank account details.

– Information provided by Customers are deployed to process our orders, provide our services and required information via our website and at your request.

2. Scope of information collection

– We aim to deploy customer information to manage customer accounts, verify and carry out online transactions, identify visitors of our website, do demographic researches and send information, including those of our products and services. Should Customers not want to receive our advertising information from Protec, please do so at your own convenience.

– We may transfer your name and address to the third party (express delivery) for your delivery services.

– Details of your orders are stored by us, but for confidential reasons, we reserve the right not to have them disclosed. However, Customers can gain access to these details by signing up your account on our web. Here Customers will find your details, email and private information.

– Customers are required to keep your private information confidential and not to be disclosed to a third party. We will bear no responsibilities whatsoever for your use of wrong password if it is not our fault.

– We may use your information for our market researches, and all detailed information are to be hidden, and used for statistical purpose only. Customers can refuse at our request to join.

3. Information storage duration

– We will store Customers’ information during the regulated time or for the purpose of using the information. Customers can refuse and request to erase all information provided at your own convenience.

– Customers can visit our website and browser without providing your detailed information. Customers then will become anonymous, and we will not be able to know Customers’ identity if you are not signing up in your accounts.