Become Our Agency

Become our agency and join the partnership for mutual development.

+ Protec’s products meet quality requirements and are accredited and trusted by a number of prestigious enterprises

+ We offer competitive bonus programs for our agencies with high commission and discount rates

+ Agencies are eligible to FREE training courses and workshops, large scale community programs, opportunities to experience and improve themselves

+ Entrepreneurial opportunities are never that close with our quality products

+ Agencies receive optimal support to start your business (training, equipment of tools and branding for sale, product brochure, namecards or a number of activities of Protec to optimize the source of customers to each agency and distributor…)

+ Receive adverting support and transfer of information about small agencies in the area of responsibility

+ Attractive bonus mechanism is available to pay tribute to excellent distributors on an annual basis

+ Huge early bird advantages because Protec’s distribution network is still thin, thus eased competition

+ Let’s become an integral part of the big family of Protec, join us in our community programs for the sake of traffic safety in Vietnam in particular and Asia in general.

Contact to procure our products in two options: Call us at (+84) 962 31 32 39 or contact us via this following form: