AIP Foundation

AIP Foundation is a non-governmental organization 501 (c)(3) from the US, which chiefly aims at preventation of fatalities and injuries related to traffic crashes in low and medium income countries. Since 1999, AIP Foundation has built up and implemented a string of highly efficient traffic safety projects across Asia and Africa. AIP Foundation is destined to the mission of providing knowledge and skills of traffic safety in order to reduce fatalities and injuries involved in traffic accidents.

Our Vision:

+ A world full of safer roads, more intelligent traffic participants and countries that pride themselves in their traffic infrastructure tailored for human and socio-economic development.

+ A world full of private enterprises, state agencies and public sector who sit down together to join in making sustainable changes in traffic safety.

+ A world full of individuals empowered and educated to make wise decisions of their own physical safety in any ride, no matter if they are in the front or in the backseat.

Why AIP Foundation is the only one?

+ AIP Foundation and Protec apply a number of solutions that have been realistically proven to deal with a global epidemic in which the fatalities it causes exceeds by a large margin those of malaria. Through experiences garnered in Vietnam, the Foundation has simultaneously developed both grassroot and national programs with an aim to tackle challenges in enhanced use of helmets and promotion of public awareness of traffic safety.

+ Given our rich experiences in multisector cooperation, AIP Foundation and Protec have moved to the forefront in realizing initiatives to galvanize both the private and public sectors and the government to join. This enables a multi-pronged and multidimensional approach to all facets of traffic safety.

+ AIP Foundation and Protec are proud of our profound local and professional knowledge and our in-depth connections with a variety of local non-government organizations and enterprises all over the world. This enables us to tailor action plans that can both fit for local culture and aim straight at traffic issues of each country.

For further information, please visit our website: or connect to us at our Twitter @AIPFoundation.