Racing Helmet

538,000đ - 598,000đ


Product Specifications

Racing helmet is exclusively designed for people who want protection for their face, similar to helmets of professional racers’. Although it is also equipped with face protecting shell, the overall design is still neat and light.

All Protec helmets are subject to 1-year warranty
Discounts are available for all orders of at least 50 Protec helmets
Customers can choose to apply their logos on the helmets as gifts to their staff members or clients
Discount of 50% applies to exchange of helmets involved in a traffic crash
Protec service centers have replacements available with standard spare parts
Details Helmet specifications
Size Large – XLarge
Colors A wide spectrum available
Weight 790 – 910g
Head circumference 57.5 – 59.5cm

* Instruction for appropriate helmet size: Strap around your head, just above your eyebrows and ears. Tighten the strap so that it neatly wraps around your head and write down the measurement. Repeat again to figure out the measurement that fits you the most and apply it.


Product Instructions

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Plain Dou colored Windshield Price (VND)

(Prices include value added tax)

* We offer discounts and logo printing service for orders of at least 100 Protec helmets. Please call Hotline 0962313239 for detailed info and consulting.

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