About us


Who is Protec?

Protec is a social enterprise based in Vietnam and established by AIP Foundation, a U.S. 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Profits from the helmet factory and sales operations are put back into public awareness campaigns and road safety education programs through AIP Foundation’s activities in Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Are Protec helmets only suitable for inner-city transportation?

There is no difference between inner-city or rural road crashes. In any crash, helmets are proven to reduce serious injury by 69% and the risk of death by 42%. Helmets are even more useful for protection in rural areas because of high speeds. Protec helmets are also designed to not limit vision and hearing – these are critical elements in Vietnamese traffic.

Why are Protec helmets more expensive than some brands?

Protec’s prices are based on the highest quality material available, which incurs additional cost. Protec is always seeking to lower prices of the highest quality and best material available inside of and outside of Vietnam.

How long is the warranty on a helmet?

Protec Helmets are warranted for 6 months.

How long can a helmet last?

Helmets should be changed after a crash or 3-4 years – especially for young people, as their heads are growing. The plastic components deteriorate over time in the humidity and sun. Protect your brain, your loved ones and employees!

The cover of some helmets is soft – does that influence Protec’s safety?

The helmet is made by a compressed spongy EPS liner. We concentrate on limiting the weight to make the helmet comfortable for customers and maintain safety standards. EPS is compressed by a crash so EPS will change. Note: After a crash EPS will be not able to protect your head for the next crash, so you should change to a new helmet after an incident to protect yourself, and the people you care about.

How do I recognize a good helmet that meets all standards?

A good helmet is recognized by many features and you should carefully check the sponginess of the helmet liner. When you open the black cloth buffer, you will see Protec’s word printed underneath on the spongy core. The spongy core is solid and it will not be dented if you press your fingernail on it. Grains of the spongy EPS are small, smooth, and steady; the curved-liner is sharp and firm because of high quality technology. All Protec helmets are printed with the word “Protec” and logo, with the hologram Protec stamp that reflects rainbow colored lights. There are four kinds of stamps on the Protec helmet: QC stamp, product size stamp, design stamp and Protec’s address.

Why is the helmet called a ‘Tropical helmet’? Are there any differences between Protec’s helmet and other kinds of helmets?

American, Canadian, and Vietnamese experts researched and measured over 5,000 Vietnamese heads (of different ages throughout the country) so that the helmet will fit your head well, increasing safety, and to be most suitable for tropical weather and the chaotic traffic in Vietnam. Twenty years ago, most helmets sold in the market were designed for “Western heads” which are more “round”; Asian heads are more “oblong”. The SAGA helmet is designed for Asian heads. The UFO model is designed for larger Asian heads and Western heads.